More than sex and money

Feedback is very important to us. It is a symbol of trust and appreciation. We appreciate constructive criticism as part of cooperative work. With love, peace and harmony alone communication problems cannot be solved and outstanding ideas cannot be born. We can learn more through an open way of communicating, discussions and discrepancy and therefore become even better at what we do and also make our clients more successful.
The outcome should be good results and pleased clients. We have gathered some of those voices here to display the positive feedback we receive. A kind thank you to everyone involved at this point. Or to put it in the entrepreneur Mary Kay Ash’s words: “There are two things people want more than sex and money… recognition and praise.”

„When it seems difficult to find creative input, Brandangels always provide us with fresh ideas and new incentives. Especially the seasonal sales campaigns for our Musterhaus Küchen sales partners. They pick up the topics very quickly and always provide a surprisingly broad range of gripping stories and key visuals. Usually we also have many laughs together.”

Ralf Reinemann, management
Werbegesellschaft mbH

„We at Ronnefeldt have worked together with the Brandangels very successfully over the past six years. During the course of our cooperation we created a whole new design and content frame within the trademark and therefore were able to realize a more contemporary, younger appearance with high value and taste demands. The “angels” mastered the packaging design, promotions, digital campaigns and all classical communication means. Our conclusion: great cooperation, a high level of flexibility, excellent design and the right amount of “capacity of suffering” 😉 We’d do it again!”

Sven-Olaf Hansen,Marketing Vice President
Drooms GmbH

„Finding good onliners isn’t a problem. The same applies to people with brand know-how. But to find someone who is native to the online world AND marketing communication is almost impossible to find. This is why I have cooperated with the brandangels since the 90ies. 2-in-1 so to speak. For clients such as Degussa or Basan Group. Only as of january I have started my private project „Blogomotive“ together with the brandangels. In der richtigen Hand sind sie eine Waffe.“

Volker Liedtke,
external consultant for mobile marketing at Mercedes-Benz PKW

„Communication processes are complex. Brandangels understand how to make these processes and parameters accessible to teams. Success is tough to be parameterized in the field of communications. Brandangels have definitely contributed an essential share to the successful brand communication at Kabel Deutschland.“

Thilos Huys,
Manager Marketing Communications, Kabel Deutschland

„For NIVONA as a medium-sized enterprise for upscale consumer goods, fast and simple project progression is a focus point as much as a learning curve with our partners on the basis of continuity and constant attentiveness. Expertise in strategy and creation, reliability, budget orientation and concentration on the scope of work are in this case the Brandangels’ values we treasure and that result in a purposeful execution of complex projects and difficult products.“

Thomas Meier
Executive Partner, Marketing & Sales NIVONA coffee machines

„Last night we founded the 4Athletes and thanks to your awesome design ideas we now have become a really sexy company.“

Investor Online-Start-up, Frankfurt

„Wow, all this turned out really nice! Thanks everyone!!! Also the feedback of dear and critical friends turned out to be very positive, what more does one want.“

Start-up Human Ressources Company, Frankfurt

„Throughout the positioning process of our company brand we have gained a lot from the cooperation with the brandangels. The positioning workshop which Mrs. Frommberger lead enabled us to develop a new and accurate view of our position in the market. Our communication means consequently build upon this point of view. We especially appreciate the direct, efficient and imaginative cooperation with the brandangels.“

Jürgen Krasky
Executive Partner, ddkb Attorneys

„As clients we are the maximum of challenges for a communications and brand consultant: highly individual, extremely sophisticated and far from usual patterns. With the brandangels we have found exactly the right partner to sharpen our positioning and to define the right presence in the communication business. The brandangels recipe for success is the rare combination of profound business-oriented, strategical understanding with a creative perspective.“

Dr. Gebhard Grimm
3con Management Consultants, Executive Partner

„We have a new product – but no catchy name. We had ideas – but yet no design. What we also had were many conceptional, strategic and CD-relevant guidelines… But what we didn’t have was time!
And the Brandangels?
They had the creative ideas for the right name. They also had a good understanding of design and creation. And they had very little time but they used it wisely. Not bad! Very good work in a very short time!“

Thomas Moss
Head of Marketing, Verkehrswacht Medien & Service-Center GmbH