Film & Moving Image

Moving image, touching stories

Social networks such as Facebook, YouTube and Vimeo have fundamentally changed the use of this genre. The use of moving image as an advertising channel and content supplier is gaining a key role. Clips are expected to move the audience more than ever, to activate the senses and to either make the consumer laugh or cry in the best case.
View time, click to play und visibility have been defined as new performance characteristics. The technical means of digitalization are creating new narrative forms. The key tasks in communication are to bring close complex topics in a target group friendly and comprehensible manner. With expressive messages, emotions and a clear visual language.
TVCs, company films, mood films, product films, trailers, animatics, clips – in short, we master and love pictures in motion. From the concept to the idea, the script and the editing, we supervise post production and the final approval process of your film project. No matter how large your budget is. These are some of our favorite films we’ve worked on throughout different stages of creation.

Mitsubishi 1 with NENA

25“, Mitsubishi spot „NENA“, Launch of Colt Cabriolet

Mitsubishi Mood

Mood film for a Mitsubishi retailer convention within the launch of the Colt Cabriolet

Ronnefeldt company film gastronomy

Ronnefeldt company film „passion“ for catering trade partner


30“, Beck’s Gold spot within the launch of Gold


20“, DWS, Image spot


20“, DWS, Image spot

Grüner Frosch

3 x 20“ Grüner Frosch, Werner & Mertz, TVC


20“, Penaten image spot, Johnson & Johnson

Choco Crossies

Layout spots „HAPE“, for Nestlé Choco Crossies